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grus grus teatteri

In 2007 I founded a small stage production company called "Grus Grus Teatteri", which through the years has grown into an artistic ensemble consisting of professional performers and stage designers from varied backgrounds.

Grus Grus Teatteri does not aim at settling permanently in any working space but instead works as a guest and collaborating partner with different stages. Our company has 21 members at the moment. The core ensemble consists of five artists, every one of them representing different fields of performing arts: actor Sofia Molin, puppeteer Ishmael Falke, dancer Sandrina Lindgren, stuntman/performer Markku Tuulenkari and clown Janna Haavisto.


We produce only the kind of performances, that the creators themselves are highly motivated to work on. We create a certain project only if a so-called deeper need and reason for it exists.

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