It does not matter where we are, on a big stage, on the street or in a forest for example. In the end, production values mean very little to me. Before I start any production, I always ask myself these questions, again and again: "to who? / where? / why? / why now?"


I've studied film before falling in love with the performing arts. If there is something I have learned from working with a camera and mic it's the core difference between an authentic real-time moment and a recording. During my lifetime, screens have invaded almost every possible space in the society I live in. First, it was speakers and music, then came screens and moving images. Performing arts, theatre, live art, live music are all things that give us "something else". 


I don't acknowledge borders between performing arts. For me, it's all about that passing moment of "now" that we spend together. Then again, I have great respect for skill and training and deep love for dramaturgy. It is inspiring to see the technical dedication of dancers, puppeteers, circus artists, actors, you name it. Yet still, I think we need to be free from all that when the time comes. One can not be free just like that. We can only be free from something. I believe you need to train your craft endlessly, no matter what it is. In the end, you need to train just to be able to let it all go.

I have been running a professional stage ensemble since 2007 in which I've had total creative freedom and it may sound bold but I truly feel like I've done everything I wanted as a director. I still have my directing ideas but my own artistic visions don't haunt me anymore. I believe that is why I enjoy collaboration above all nowadays. I have no need to push my thoughts and I love searching and finding things together with others. I don't see any subject I could not touch on stage, though the older I get the less I'm interested in the evil in humanity. For me, on stage nothing is holy and everything is possible.


Lately, the most interesting thing for me has been and is: what really happens between people, between objects and people, between sound and people, between light and people, between spaces and people and so on. You never know it before you try. Endless exploration and organizing the findings feel like travelling through an ocean or a vast forest.