In my experience it seems we need to create a "stage" every time from scratch. It does not matter where we are, on a big stage, on the street or in a forest. In the end production values mean very little to me. Before I start any production, I always ask myself these questions again and again: "to who? / where? / why now? / why?"

"I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage. A man walks across this empty space, whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged." -Peter Brook

I've studied film before falling in love with the performing arts. If there is something I have learned from film making it's the core difference between an authentic real time moment and a recording. During my life time screens have invaded almost every possible space. Live art, performing arts, theater, live music are all things that give us "something else". I wont get in detail what this means in its entirety. That is a subject for a 500 pages long book. To put it shortly, my background helps me to see what's useless on stage and works better on recording, video, TV and film and vice versa. It is needles to say how little I give credit to productions that are obvious sitcom ripoffs or wanna be cinema. I'm always thrilled to see anything that is free of all that.

I don't recognize boarders between performing arts, but as martial artist myself, I have a great respect for skill and training. I love to see technical dedication of dancers, puppeteers, circus artists, actors and so on. Yet still I think we need to be free from all that when the performance we're working on demands it.

"Don't believe in styles, styles separate men." -Bruce Lee

I'm not that interested in "strong artistic vision", not even in my own. The most interesting thing to me is what truly, in reality happens between people, between objects and people, between sound and people, between light and people, between spaces and people - and you never know it before you try. This endless exploration is my true love for this art.

I don't see any subject I could not touch on stage, though the older I get the less I'm interested in the evil in humanity. For me, on stage nothing is holy and everything is possible.

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